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We’re Julie and Kristene: the sisters behind the blog. We’re lucky enough to be the type of sisters that are friends too, and we happen to live close to each other (and the rest of our family) in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We both love fashion, DIY-ing projects in our homes, and being with family. We hope you’ll stick around and get to know us.

I’m Julie, the Judge part of Judge and Bean. According to my nickname, I have many opinions on all things, I even have my very own gavel (although not professionally… I’m an amateur judge). By day, I work as a designer for an accessories company, throwing my opinions around. By night, I terrorize my poor husband (of less than a year) by trying to improve things in our recently purchased home. I’ll be packing in the home projects (and some not home related projects), and sharing my journey of homeownership and DIY attempts.

I’m Kristene, the bean. Teen the Ween String Bean to be exact, but just Bean for short.  I don’t know why my mom began using the nickname (as I am not tall and lanky like a string bean nor am I short and fat like a butter bean), anyway, it stuck and now even my husband uses it! While my sister tackles many home improvement projects, I will be doing some of the same, but I also want to share my life in general- something fun that I did, my take on the celebrity gossip of the week, a cute outfit I wore, or a random funny.  As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize that life really is a journey, so let’s do it together- it’s more fun!

So welcome to our virtual home. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. Feel free to comment, ask questions and share feedback in the comments section. Thanks for visiting!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Great first (is it the first?) blog entry. I enjoyed it. DYI projects (especially for rookie home owners) will ALWAYS be blog worthy (i.e. frustrating yet rewarding adventures). Look forward to future entries!

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