One of My Favorite Things

….is CEREAL! I don’t know what started this whole thing, but I don’t think I can live without it. Even if I eat eggs with toast for breakfast, I still will eat cereal at some point in the day. And I usually have a small bowl when I get home from work as a snack. It’s just so good– it’s crunchy, sometimes sweet, creamy if you sneak in some half and half and just plain deeeelicious! And, sometimes, you get lucky; like I did here and here.

Here are some of my favorites:

1) Quaker Granola (oats, honey, raisins & almonds): I think this is what started my love affair with cereal. My mom always bought this when I was a kid, and I compare all granola I eat to this. It’s kind of coconutty and I love the one with the raisins, but it also comes without. Love it plain, with yogurt or with milk! Oh, also good with a banana.


2) Kashi Go Lean: Love this stuff! It’s got protein (13g), it’s got fiber(10g), it’s got texture (puffs, twigs and grahams). It’s really good if you add some chopped walnuts and banana. Go Lean Crunch = also good!

Go Lean

3) Frosted Mini Wheats: an old faithful. You need lots of milk with these, since they soak it up, but there’s nothing like getting a soaked (but not soggy) mini wheat with just the right amount of frosting.


4) Cascadian Farm Hearty Morning: I like to add blueberries or banana or both to this cereal. I love that it has flakes, granola clusters and twigs, not to mention 8 grams of fiber.


5) Frosted Flakes: how can you NOT love these?? They’re grrrrrrreat! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! They are especially good with some half and half mixed with my skim milk. They’re kinda like dessert, which is probably how they should be eaten anyway, since they have an awful lot of sugar!


I am always open to recommendations…



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