Certainly not the last post about the kitchen

We have countertops!




You can see the seam in the below photos. It looks almost invisible. 


But, the kitchen is still not done. Sigh. It is in an extremely functional state though. We made it a goal to get everything out of the dining room and office so we could have a cleaning crew come through and make our house not disgusting. In order to do that we had to do several things:

1) put things away in the new cabinets (and add the handles for the cabinets)

2) make the pantry

3) hang the pot rack

So I started to organize and put things away, when we discovered that several (5 to be exact) of our drawer fronts had blemishes and needed to be replaced. Le sigh. I put things in them anyway because it was decided that it was more important to get our house back than to wait. We did have the installer come out and order new parts for us though, so we should have for real cabinets soon… I hope.

Then we made the pantry. These are just poplar plywood that we stained black and put a paste wax over. Don’t worry, the edges will be covered at some point. We need to buy a finishing nail gun still. You can see how much nicer it is with the fridge in a spot that can handle it’s depth (that’s what she said).





Next was the pot rack. Andrew and I bought one almost a year ago from the Frontgate outlet and I was super excited to finally hang it. Unfortunately, we discovered at 10 o’clock one night that this pot rack just wasn’t going to work. It’s gigantic! And for it to work in our kitchen it would need to be hung at the ceiling so we wouldn’t hit our heads on the hanging bits. BLERG.



So after getting irrationally angry about it. We started to search the internets. There was nothing we could buy that wouldn’t stick too far off the wall. The solution came from Pinterest.




It’s basically a ladder that has hooks. Seemed easy enough for us to make and was the slim profile that we needed. So we bought some wood, stained it the same black as the shelves and threw it on the wall. Not really. It took us (and by us, I mean Andrew) a few hours to assemble and hang. Now if only our pots and pans weren’t gross looking…..

So now our house is clean again, having just made it under the wire to get our shit off the ground and back into the kitchen. I’m not used to having the kitchen back yet; I keep roaming around the house, looking for the butter and a plastic knife.

Does anyone want to buy a pot rack?

Also, when we were hanging shelves, I walked out of the room for a few minutes. When I came back in I found Andrew like this



He got stuck, and needed me to get a ladder for him. 


One thought on “Certainly not the last post about the kitchen

  1. Beautiful!!! Great job! I’m exhausted just reading about all that hard grueling work! Oh to be young again!!!
    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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