Here is what the kitchen looks like now

We are getting the countertops today! I’m so excited to finally start the process of cleaning up, and putting our entire lives back together. This project has truly exploded all over our house, and while this project is FAR from complete, it will be nice to have a kitchen sink and dishwasher again. First, some photos of the last 2 weeks:

We painted (and Andrew managed to run his booty into the wall).


We got the cabinets built (in the dining room). Note: we did not build the cabinets, a person from the installer built them. They were stacked in our Dining Room like this for days and days. 


We had to get some things that we forgot… and buy a new microwave.

We moved the refrigerator. 


(It was night time, and I didn’t take very many photos… I promise I’ll have some better ones).

We had 2 separate crews come out to install the cabinets 3 times. Note: the microwave in this photo is the new and final one. After it was installed, we learned we didn’t need a new microwave after all, as the “missing pieces” were found. 



Andrew even got in on the action!

We hooked up the Gas line to the stove (and did not blow up the house). 


This photo shows Andrew shoved into the small space between the cabinets. Word to the wise, it would have been much easier to remove the line from the range rather than the floor. 



You can see our priorities are fresca (on top of the fridge) and honey (for our cheese plates). 


I opened our back door all the way for the first time in forever:



And also saw, with horror, the gross dusty shit that has been lurking in the door jamb. Blerg. 




We had our granite measured on Tuesday, and to my surprise, they were able to cut everything and install it this week. Unfortunately, our countertop EXPLODED while being cut and we had to make some changes. 


We were able to move the seam that was planned to go in the center of the sink to just to the right of the sink. It’s not my favorite thing, but they did cut the seam so that the striations in the granite match well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the seam will be almost invisible. 

Also, now you are getting a sneak peak at the granite to come!


Happy weekend! I can’t wait to show more as we get things crossed off the list!



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