Weekend Kitchen Update and an Encounter with Wildlife

The next step in our kitchen adventure was to tear out the entire kitchen to get ready for the cabinet install. Now, the installation technically won’t happen until Monday (fingers crossed), but we needed to get the room cleared so Andrew and our neighbor can run some new electrical lines, which is happening last weekend (yes, last weekend is as “real time” as you are going to get).

So the plan was to clear the room on Friday and get the house in a sort of organized state so when our friends showed up on Saturday we would be ready to go. That was the plan. It didn’t happen. Andrew and I drank too much on Friday and ended up being blobs on the couch. I was so clumsy that I managed to crack an egg and miss the pan. 


We’ve been really into whiskey lately, and it’s troubling because I can get plastered off of only one. I will drink two though, because they are delicious. sigh. Anyway, Saturday morning we scrambled to get everything out of the kitchen (which we did, and in record time). Then help arrived.

Ok, so technically help arrived before we finished emptying the kitchen, but there really wasn’t much left. It was fine. Our friends, Pat and Jesus, have recently gone through their own kitchen transformation, so they were very knowledgeable about how to take everything down and get it out in a timely manner. I hung around for maybe 45 minutes, and then had to jet off to my Saturday class, but by the time I came home, the cabinets were out, they had been donated and the boys had celebrated with Indian food. It was like magic.  





And, in case you didn’t believe me, a shot of the indian food:


The rest of the day was spent running an electrical line for the fridge, and adding an outlet for the microwave. Andrew and I added the last line for the garbage disposal (or dishwasher? I don’t know), on Sunday.


The next day was just me and Andrew working on things. We cleaned the floor of the kitchen, because it was nasty and covered with the corpses of 1,000,000 ants. I don’t have a photo for you, you’ll just have to imagine. 

We loaded up the van for the second time on Sunday and took all the construction trash that had been in our basement to a dumpster. We opened the dumpster and lo and behold:


(this is a video of Andrew asking what to do about the RACCOON IN THE DUMPSTER).


A raccoon.

I’m terrified of raccoons.

A raccoon that was stuck in the dumpster. We had to carefully place some of the longer scrap pieces of trim that we had on one side of the dumpster so the poor thing could climb out. I’m sure that if it wasn’t already starving and/or sleepy he would have been a mean mother f**ker.  


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