Kitchen-gate 2014

In an attempt to keep up with what is going on in our kitchen at all times, I’ll be posting mini updates in as close to real time as possible. Last week, we had someone come out to rip out our pantry and make it into an acceptable space for the refrigerator to move to. It was 2 days of work:



Day 1:


Day 2:


this is what is left over in our basement:



And as a result of “losing” our pantry, all of our pantry things ended up in the dining room:


Please note the maple syrup and the salsa were placed within easy reaching distance #priorities. 

Side note: we are painting the area and running the electric ourselves, so this refrigerator alcove is not ready to have the ‘fridge moved just yet. More on that to come.

Also, just because this is real life, here is where we are storing all of the extra stuff we bought until they are ready to be installed (hell yeah living room storage).   You are seeing a sink, faucet, garbage disposal and microwave. 



Needless to say, there is shit everywhere and our house looks like a bomb went off, but PROGRESSSSSSS.


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