Well, That Escalated Quickly

So it’s been awhile since my last post, but you will note that the time has been well spent on planning our EPIC KITCHEN RENOVATION. That’s right, we’re finally re-doing the kitchen. Here are the steps we took in planning this project:

1) move into house, decide that kitchen needs to be redone

2) look on pinterest for so many ideas… and find them

3) buy grey cabinet paint (in the super sale section) at Lowes one day on a whim to maybe someday paint the cabinets.

4) let many more months pass, look at pinterest some more

5) think about the perfect kitchen formation (knock down walls? move appliances?)

6) start figuring out how much everything will cost us, get scared and run away from project

7) make decision to leave layout of current kitchen, just make it better, use cabinet paint

8) start trolling granite suppliers for remnants, decide not to use cabinet paint

9) decide on a plan

10) buy all the things

Okay, so those last steps escalated things quite quickly. And in reality, we went back and forth SEVERAL times about whether to just paint the cabinets or buy new. Andrew and I have been talking about this kitchen for over a year, and only really made the leap from “wouldn’t it be great if…” to “let’s put a down payment on this” In the last 2 weeks, we’ve bought almost everything we’ll need and scheduled all the work to be done. Wait.. what?!

Here is the kitchen as it currently is laid out:

 Kitchen Current

And  here are some photos of our current kitchen:

You can see above, one of the problems we have with this kitchen is that the refrigerator is in kind of an awkward spot. The photos below shows exactly how much our back door opens. Let me tell you, it is a grade A pain in the ass to get a laundry basket through there.




Also, this is how my kitchen looks most of the time; shit all over the fridge and pantry door askew.

The following photos show our sort of orange cabinets and pink floors. They also showcase the lovely spot where we have decided to place our trashcans. You see, this way they are visible from many different rooms in the house. It’s the perfect place for them, really.


IMG_0526 IMG_0525 IMG_0524

You can also see why we are replacing the cabinets


Without further ado, here is our awesome new plan. It looks strikingly similar to the way the kitchen currently looks. We are switching the fridge and pantry, and adding a garbage disposal and microwave. Also, new cabinets, sink, faucets and countertops… but we are keeping the pink floor.

Kitchen Update


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