Crafty Corner with the Judge

Recently, I got the wild idea to make pillows. Since we have our fab new couch and I managed to sneak a new rug into our living room too, the sad single pillow on the couch started to get to me. You can see our sad single pillow in this old shot from a previous post:


I’ve been dying over the fur pillow trend, but haven’t had any luck finding anything anywhere remotely near my price range. Pillows that are hundreds of dollars make me angry.

I decided to DIY my own versions, after a lightening bolt idea struck me whilst purusing other fun home blogs. It seems that every blogger I read has one of these from Ikea that they just plop around their homes to make photos look better.




I decided to make mine into pillows. I was originally going to buy the faux fur version from Ikea, because the faux fur could (maybe) be washed, would be easier to sew, and would be a more standard size. But, once I got to the store and felt the difference there was no contest. I had to get the “real” version for the extra couple bucks. Sigh. I also bought some pillow forms and a random oatmeal colored blanket from the as-is section (for the pillow back). I probably could have scrounged up a suitable fabric from my stash but the blanket made making these pillows so, so easy.


I simply folded the blanket in 3rds, using the finished edges as a hem. This meant that I only had to sew 2 seams and stuff the pillow in. Then I hand sewed the fur to the front of the pillow with a whip stitch.

Some tips:

1) Always cut fur from the back, sticking your scissors right along the “skin” edge. This will leave you with less fuzzy bits floating around and no sad cut fur edges.


2) The blanket I used was a stretchy knit which helped it stretch around the pillow and made it so that I could lap the back on itself so much. If I used a non knit I would have had to hem something, ugh.

3) The lambskins from Ikea are all different sizes. I picked the 2 biggest I could find and didn’t worry too much if the skin didn’t cover everything perfectly. They’re just pillows for gods sake. You can see on the photo below that the pillow on the right is not big enough. 

Finished product:


Bonus round: While I was at Ikea, I went a little pillow crazy and bought some Euro shams. I made some covers out of some Marimekko fabric I snagged. Now my bedroom will be pretty when people come over (i.e. the only time the bed is made and I care about extra pillows on the bed). The covers are double sided, so I used a different fabric on both sides.  




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