DIY Disaster: WTF happened here?

So I had this whole post written and just waiting for photos about our exterior doors. They were old and in need of serious repair. In addition, because old houses are hard, all of our doors are custom shapes and sizes; so there was absolutely no chance in just wholesale replacing them. As I said, I had a post written, the project was done, but whilst waiting for a decent day so I could take some pictures, the unthinkable happened…. we’ll get to that in a second.

Andrew and I decided to paint all the exterior doors (2 in front, 1 in back). In order to paint, we had to first take off a bunch of hardware, fill in holes and sand. We also had to fill the door handle and lock holes from the old hardware, and re cut them so we could add modern door knobs and locks. This process managed to kill 2 drills. We are currently thankful for Lowes’ return policy. here are some pictures:




We got all our shit together, fixed the doors one by one and painted. Every other blogger in the blogging universe gets samples and tests out their desired paint colors in different lights. I’m a little impatient… meaning that I just picked a color and went for it. If I do say so myself, the color is great.



Everything was lovely. Even small mistakes we made, like installing the lock on our door upside down was livable.



Until this

WTF is this shit!??!


Maybe you don’t see it


I don’t know why this is happening. When it first started, the crack was soft and pliable, over the weeks and months that this crack has been there, it hardened. First I thought, “maybe I didn’t let the primer dry enough between coats.” Then I thought back to this project’s timeline, which started in August and continued well into October and now I wonder if the paint got too hot. I followed the painting instructions for temperature, but our front door does get some direct sunlight, so maybe the paint got too hot?

Has this happened to anyone else? I’m trying to figure out what to do when it get’s warm enough to paint again. Do I drill it out with a dremel? sand it down as much as I can and repaint? what do I dooooooo?


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