I HATE Chaturanga & Other Stories

On Wednesday night, I took my usual yoga class. We did a TON of chaturangas. I do not like chaturanga (neither does T-Rex), but I do love going to yoga. There’s something about sweating and cursing and savasana that is so restorative.

This week has been strange! First, we had the COLDEST. WEATHER. EVER. So cold, in fact, that our cold water pipes in the second floor bathroom froze.


I also had to work a full week and I haven’t seen Julie at all, it’s been weirrrrrrd! This whole full week of working thing isn’t agreeing with me. I think the universe knows that, which is why it gave me these:


Yes, this really is a double double Frosted Mini Wheat!

Dan always makes fun of me for getting excited about an extra big chunk or granola, a double anything, a really really big potato chip, or this almond. For real, check out the size of this almond! Both the mini wheats and the almond happened on the same day. In the same snacking session. I mean, this has GOT to be a good sign, right?!? 2014 is looking up!


In other randomness, just to tie up a loose end, back in this post, I promised you all a story about our gluten free adventure. And, oh what an adventure it was. Dan called it our Gluten Expensive experience. I would have to agree- some of that stuff that they call bread is like $6 a loaf! So, the short story is, we decided to try going gluten free to see if it would improve any of Dan’s Crohn’s symptoms. It did not. But, while doing this, I did learn that potato chips are gluten free. Don’t even get me started on a bag of BBQ potato chips. I have never been happier to eat regular carbs again. I am a carb addict, and I am not afraid to admit it!

I will leave you with a final shot, since I want to take more pics this year (even though this is a pretty old pic). This is for Throwback Thursday (2 days late!)- check out the Judge’s face!


The look of Judgement!


3 thoughts on “I HATE Chaturanga & Other Stories

  1. I too hate Chataranga an the thought of a temperature that “feels like -19.” I do however LOVE a giant chunk of granola, a double mini wheat (mmmmm mini wheats), Woolie’s face of judgement, and you Teen!!!! xoxox

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