Andrew drew a picture, and grew a mustache

We finally crossed one thing off of our never ending list of projects to do, and no, it wasn’t Andrew growing a mustache. That wasn’t on the list at all. That just sort of happened. 

The intensely satisfying change in the bathroom switchplates. I’ve been looking at a hole in the wall for far too many months now. One afternoon and Andrew’s brain were all we needed to remedy this situation.




This is before.

I would explain how to DIY this, but really I don’t know how. I handed Andrew some things and walked up and down the steps a few times to switch breakers. Andrew drew a picture to try to explain how the wires are connected… or something. Electricity is magic.


This was supposed to help me understand what was going on. Needless to say, I didn’t. For reference, this drawing is supposed to encompass our whole room. Yeah, I don’t get it either. It’s clear that on these sort of projects (the ones that don’t involve prettifying things) I’m there to be a side-kick that hugs you when things don’t go your way.

Anyway, we changed this outlet/switch combo to just an switch:


And moved the bathroom outlet over here, where it is less likely to electrocute me, AND now there are 2 outlets. Still can’t run the space heater and the hair drier at one time, but I can have both plugged in.



Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for:


Check out that ‘stache! 


I HATE Chaturanga & Other Stories

On Wednesday night, I took my usual yoga class. We did a TON of chaturangas. I do not like chaturanga (neither does T-Rex), but I do love going to yoga. There’s something about sweating and cursing and savasana that is so restorative.

This week has been strange! First, we had the COLDEST. WEATHER. EVER. So cold, in fact, that our cold water pipes in the second floor bathroom froze.


I also had to work a full week and I haven’t seen Julie at all, it’s been weirrrrrrd! This whole full week of working thing isn’t agreeing with me. I think the universe knows that, which is why it gave me these:


Yes, this really is a double double Frosted Mini Wheat!

Dan always makes fun of me for getting excited about an extra big chunk or granola, a double anything, a really really big potato chip, or this almond. For real, check out the size of this almond! Both the mini wheats and the almond happened on the same day. In the same snacking session. I mean, this has GOT to be a good sign, right?!? 2014 is looking up!


In other randomness, just to tie up a loose end, back in this post, I promised you all a story about our gluten free adventure. And, oh what an adventure it was. Dan called it our Gluten Expensive experience. I would have to agree- some of that stuff that they call bread is like $6 a loaf! So, the short story is, we decided to try going gluten free to see if it would improve any of Dan’s Crohn’s symptoms. It did not. But, while doing this, I did learn that potato chips are gluten free. Don’t even get me started on a bag of BBQ potato chips. I have never been happier to eat regular carbs again. I am a carb addict, and I am not afraid to admit it!

I will leave you with a final shot, since I want to take more pics this year (even though this is a pretty old pic). This is for Throwback Thursday (2 days late!)- check out the Judge’s face!


The look of Judgement!

Goodbye to 2013: Resolutions & Some Things I Learned

Before I get into my very wordy post, I must comment on the Judge’s previous post about crying. First of all, she never cries. Ever. It’s kind of strange, actually. Unless someone has died, or she is watching the movie Beaches very late at night, it’s not gonna happen. Beaches will get her every time.

After the unintentional blog hiatus that I have taken, I figured the second day of a new month in a brand spanking new year would be a good place to re-begin, since the new year is all about new beginnings anyway. You can’t begin anew without some reminiscing, or some resolutions to make the new year better. I am not really one for resolutions, since I am one of those people who HATES it when all the resolutioners show up at the gym the first few weeks of January and hog all the machines, however, I am going to take a stab at it…

1. I mentioned my dad’s penchant for doing some pretty hilarious things in this post. We had a new one. After dinner the other night, my dad was catching up on some emails and he asks my mom, “How do you spell our banker’s last name? I mean, I know it’s bank spelled backwards, but how do you spell it?” (his last name is Knab, just in case anyone reading is daft). Resolution #1: write more of these down!

2. We have some Aussie friends, who have taught me some fun slang (Lauren) and humor me when I try (horribly) to imitate their accent (Den). Anyway, I received a very exclusive eye-liner application lesson on new year’s eve from the gorgeous and talented Lauren, who has the most beautiful eye makeup on every time I see her. Resolution #2: Get a kohl pencil. Lauren promised me that my liner would look like hers if I did.

3. I don’t know if any of you ever feel this way, but sometimes I feel like I am in a never ending cycle of work and wishing it were the weekend. Like, some weeks, it feels like every day is the same as the day before. Resolution #3: Do something special every day, even if it’s silly. I am not sure how I am going to accomplish this, but something should be done!

4.  Everyone wants to get healthy at the beginning of a new year. Everyone, like all those gym posers. BUT this want to get healthy isn’t about getting rid of my cankles, or about eating right (which I have to say I am pretty good at), or really even about me. I want a healthy husband, so that we can have a normal life. I would even say that I would forfeit resolution #3 if he would have some consistency. The most important thing that I have learned in 2013 is cliche, but true. You really have nothing if you don’t have your health. Nothing. So, resolution #4 = Healthy husband.

5. I as I was putting together a gift for my BFF for Christmas I realized that I absolutely do not take enough pictures. The picture of the Judge and me on the About page of this blog is from about 4 years ago. I figure that I better take some pics while I am still beautiful and relatively young. Resolution #5: take more pics and blog about them.

6. I made some really tasty stuff for my peeps this Christmas. Resolution #6: some cooking posts!

7. I am stopping at seven. Resolution #7: Get Ryan Seacrest to call me about that reality show!!

A few things I have learned in 2013:

1. Potatoes have a very high specific temperature. Thank you to Bill Childers for teaching me this, as it was the very last thing I learned on the very last day of the year 2013.

2. Waiting for Downton Abbey to begin is torture, and I can’t wait until Sunday! WOOT!

3. As bad as things seem, there is always something to laugh about.

4. I have the best friends and family (which I already knew, it was just re-confirmed). Double points to you if you’re reading this!