A Story About This One Time When I Cried: Or A Couch, Some Pictures And Some DIY Art

Let me preface this whole post with this: I don’t cry very often. It’s usually just as surprising to me as it is to the person/thing that made me cry. Bean calls me a robot sometimes. I tell her to grow a pair and to quit crying.




As you may know, Andrew and I bought our home in late January this year. We were very excited to be homeowners, but it was during a very stressful time: bathroom renovation, living with my parents until the renovation was complete, our impending nuptials, moving in general. So needless to say, emotions were running high.

Andrew and I have moved together twice now, and both times have a been a relationship test. Andrew throws shit into boxes and assumes we’ll figure it all out later. Also he refuses to pack entire rooms until RIGHT before we move. I, on the other hand, plan. I make lists, I detail what is in each box, I mentally plan how I intend to pack the cars and where everything will go. I fought tooth and nail to at least start to pack the kitchen before we moved. I wish I could be relaxed about it, but I’m not. I hope you are now familiar with my special brand of crazy.

That being said, the unpacking process is just as strenuous. A room just doesn’t feel complete to me until I have art on the walls. It’s one of the first things I think about. Do I get to hang a gallery wall? Should I split these matching prints up?  Let me remind you here that at this point in the unpacking process there are still boxes of unpacked things all over the house; including but not limited to: my shoes, clothing, dishes, etc. Basically anything important is still in a box, but art is all over the place.

This brings me to our living room walls.


Our walls are plaster over brick, which means that nailing anything into them is sort of impossible, so we use the 3M sticker things. For this fateful event, I went to Target and purchased some 3m hangers IN THE PHOTO SECTION and proceeded to paste them up on the wall anywhere I was intending on hanging something, including the above gallery arrangement in the living room. I then promptly ignored all the instructions and hung my frames up. Well, over the course of between 1 hour and 24 hours, everything fell down. EVERYTHING FELL DOWN. All my planning and time spent, all of my glorious Ikea frames, just ruined. I cried. A lot.






Andrew pointed out that I used the wrong 3M strips. And that I didn’t wait the proper amount of time. Wrong move dude. I threw him some major shade for that.


(This is my angry face). He repented by buying me the correct strips. So the moral of the story is: buy the right shit and follow the instructions, dumbass.

The reason I thought of this story, besides it’s obvious emotional scarring, is because we bought a new couch. It is lovely and wonderful, but now my gallery wall  in the living room is off center (see above photo).

I didn’t have any more black and white art or photos, so to remedy the off center wall art I DIY’d some initial art (inspired by this on pinterest). It took me maybe 20 minutes to play around with fonts and styles.


Now my sanity is restored. It’s the little things.



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