Ding Dong, The Garage is Done… For Now

So our garage has been one of those projects that has taken WAY longer than we originally anticipated. That is sort of a rule around here, take the time you think the project will take, multiply by 3, and that’s the time it will take to complete the project. That’s a good rule of thumb, but we’ve been averaging a bit more than 3x. Maybe 5x?

Anyway, you can see where we left off here and here. Below is what was left to do:


1) Add last pieces of siding: We added the last pieces of siding like a week and a half after Andrew’s dad left. We tried to do it the day he left, but Andrew succumbed to an illness and I was scared he was going to fall off the ladder.


2) Paint garage doors and people doors: I primed everything and painted the all the garage doors grey. P.S. I got the grey paint at Lowes for $5. It was a return and just happened to be the correct color. Woot! The white trim around the doors is still just primer. That is just not going to get finished before it’s too cold outside. You’ll notice that the upper trim in this picture still has the creamy yellow trim. 

3) Paint trim/ paint eaves: not done. Won’t be done until it’s warm again.


4) Remove old gutters/ Re-do gutters: Ugh the gutters. Removing them was no problem. It took maybe 1 ½ hours to get everything down. Then I went on a business trip, which allowed time for Andrew to paint the trim that was to be under the gutters.

Here comes the tough part: the garage is crooked.

It’s like a billion years old, so getting the right angle on the gutters was a nightmare. Not to mention that I wasn’t strong enough to move the big ladders that we were using, so Andrew was the one who did the most work. I basically just handed him things and tried to be useful. 


This is a photo of a sad Andrew when we realized that the angle wasn’t right and we had to re-align the gutters for the 3rd time that day. Gutter pro tip: build on the ground, silicone is much easier to use than the other goo that comes with the connectors, and loosely put the gutters up on your surface before actually screwing them in. We learned that last tip on the final day of gutter installation. We also added a 2nd downspout.





Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s the unanticipated part. While we were still putting up siding, the electric just stopped working in our garage. It turns out that the pipe that ran the electric line from the house to the garage was corroded. It’s ok, Andrew just dug a trench in our backyard to run a new line.


No big deal, right? During the great backyard excavation, he accidentally severed one of our gutter lines.


We used that as an opportunity to tie in the 2nd downspout. Originally we were just planning on having the waste water filter out into the side yard away from our house, but this allowed us to bury it correctly. So the negative was actually a blessing in disguise.   


Then we drilled a giant hole in our foundation (horrifying).


Andrew and my new best friend (our retired electrician neighbor) then did some voodoo magic to make our lights and doors work again. That’s how electricity works, right? Magic?

So since the garage is only sort of finished, here are some fun photos of our process, until the spring comes and I can paint everything. 



Promise this is the last you’ll hear about the garage until springtime. 


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