Bean’s TV Club

Well, I love TV, and I am not afraid to admit it. I am not as into movies – I love watching shows and seeing the characters develop over time. I figured since I posted about books, that I could also post about TV. So, a few that I’ve been watching :

The Sopranos: Dan and I just finished the series the other week (he had seen them all, I had never seen them). This show really is as great as people say it is. Dramatic and dark, but you can’t help but love Tony, Carm, Chrissy, Sil, Pauly and the rest of the crew. Even the logo is awesome. It really did set the stage for the lovable antihero that we’re seeing more often now- see #2.

2. Breaking Bad: The newest antihero that we couldn’t stop watching. Even if you can’t stand watching Walter White ruin his life (which is hard to do), the cinematography on this show is AMAZEBALLS. Seriously worth watching just for the pretty shots. So well written.

3. Modern Family: If you want to laugh every week, this show is THE BEST. I can’t even tell you who my favorite character is, they are all so good.

4. Game of Thrones: We just caught up, so now we have to wait until the new season comes out. There are A LOT of characters on this show, so it can get confusing sometimes, but it’s very entertaining, especially Tyrion Lannister. He is the absolute best. And if you watch the show already, and you haven’t seen the Bad Lip Reading video on You Tube, you must check it out!

Photo Credit:

5. Dexter, but only seasons 1-4: In my opinion, the show probably should have ended with the season finale of season 4. After that, it just wasn’t as good.

6. The Tudors: Two words, Ladies- Charles Brandon. He alone makes the show worth watching. Another perk of watching this show- Dan got some questions right on Jeopardy just because we watched it!

Photo Credit:Lucas Jackson/Landov

7. Downton Abbey: This show is the bomb. The drama, the hookups, the house, the costumes, the Dowager Countess. I just love it. If you don’t love it, don’t tell me because we can’t be friends anymore.

8. Shahs of Sunset: I want to be friends with Reza and I am not afraid to admit it. Sometimes, you need some reality TV to bring you back to reality. These Persians are fierce and I love them. Ryan Seacrest, you have done it again, my friend. I know who your next venture should be…



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