A Chilling Halloween Tale, Or DIY Disaster: How we bought Blinds for One Room Three Times

About 2 weeks ago, Andrew and I were working on something in our yard over the weekend when one of neighbors stopped by and said he came home from work late one night and saw someone or someones creeping around our sunroom windows. Thankfully, we haven’t been broken into, it’s probably because we don’t keep anything that is stealable in that room. I mean, it’s our office, so Andrew’s computer is in there, but it isn’t portable. Unless someone wanted a 50+ pound computer or my sewing machine, they probably aren’t going to find anything good by looking through those windows. I realize that just because a burglar doesn’t see anything they can shove in a backpack doesn’t mean that you won’t get broken into, but it helps. It also helps that our house generally looks like it’s already been ransacked… Anyway, we replaced the windows about a month after we moved in to the house. The original windows… well originally, this room was a porch, but the windows that were installed to make it a sunroom were the old louvre windows that are super inefficient and not practical at all for a Cincinnati summer or winter (or spring, or fall for that matter).


So we replaced them to these:


Oh look, one of the blinds is finally up. 

With these shiny, pretty, very clear windows, we knew that some sort of curtains or window covering was in our future. For one, you can definitely see in them, even if I’m in the back of the house; and two, if this room is eventually going to be a 3rd bedroom (according to THE PLAN), there needs to be some amount of privacy. We just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. In addition, it wasn’t currently on the giant list of shit we had to do. Finding out we had nighttime creepers pushed up the necessity. I knew I wanted something that was light filtering and without a lot of cords and pulleys. Because nothing is ever easy, these windows were different sizes (from one wall to the next) in addition to being custom sized.


So Andrew stopped at the store and bought some blinds that were customizable, meaning Lowe’s or Home Depot cuts them for you (this was the easy part). He brought them home, but they were the wrong color. Back to the store they went. The next set was the correct color, but was cut incorrectly so they were too small for our windows. Feeling a little like Goldilocks, the third set fit just right.  


…Se what I mean by ransacked?
To deter creepers even more, we also upgraded our motion detecting lights outside. Previously they were a little spotty with their motion detecting. Now they work, and the one by our sunroom (i.e. the darkest spot of our house) is like a bright alien ship is landing.






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