DIY Disaster: Garage Part Deux

We are so close to finishing the garage, yet so, so far away. Here is what happened since the last photos were taken:


All particle board was installed to give our new siding a smooth base to sit on.


Corners and trim started going up.


Siding has begun! It’s crazy how quickly the long pieces go up. It’s the cutting and the short sides that make this take so long. I came home early on Friday to the photo above. I started trying to be useful by cutting pieces to fit between the garage doors, Then this happened:


I was blistered after cutting two or three pieces, my middle finger looked like this. It hurt, but I powered through for several (read 30) more boards before I called it quits (to cutting) for the day. Then we ran into this problem:


We decided to just have what we were calling an “accent row.”  Since our garage is so old and crooked, it was impossible to make  the siding around the doors straight. So we didn’t and called it good and moved on to other things.


At the end of the day, the garage looked like this:



We still have to put the last piece up under the eaves, and do some painting (not to mention the gutters), but we are so, so, so, so, close!!

Also, here is a bunch of shit that is in my back yard.


Here’s what’s left:

1) Add last pieces of siding

2) Remove old gutters

3) Paint eaves (white)

4) Re-do gutters

5) Paint garage doors and people doors (dark grey)

P.S. We decided on grey siding because I eventually want to paint the house grey. I’ll leave the brick, but do dark grey on the trim and the stucco part at the top.


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