DIY Disaster: How to Hang a Ceiling Fan

No, I’m not going to detail how to hang a ceiling fan. That would be boring and there are instructions in the box.

I love a good light fixture. A good table lamp or overhead fixture can send me into raptures, but I can’t say I’ve ever been a big proponent of ceiling fans. They’re not pretty, make noise, and I rarely ever find myself needing to be colder at night (unless there is no AC, which is a different story). That being said, Andrew and I wanted to change out the lights in our bedroom and our guest bedroom for a functional ceiling fan for the following reasons:

1) just because I like to be on fire all night, does not mean everyone else does.

2) the current lights are sososo ugly and sad

3) energy costs (we can run the ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner fan all night if someone is hot.

4) this apartment will eventually become a rental, and having a fan in the bedrooms seems like a normal thing to do.

So here’s the before:


We bought 2 fans at Lowes over Labor Day weekend so they were on sale (or we had a coupon, I can’t remember), brought them home, got excited, and let the boxes sit in the house for 2 weeks untouched.

The great thing about owning an older home is the character that comes with it. Unfortunately, some of that character makes it difficult to DIY. Ceiling fan #1 went into the guest room (because we wanted to practice before destroying our bedroom). 3 hours and 1 trip to Ace Hardware later, it was complete. Instead of using the fan brackets you can buy with your fan, we had to use the existing electrical box and reinforce it by drilling out bigger holes for the screws. This caused some irritation on Andrew’s part (I gave him a hug and he felt better…. not. We yelled at each other a lot, and then hung up the fan while muttering to ourselves).



So here are some details:


Just look at all the pieces.

Also, there were some options in terms of colors. One side of the fan blade was brown and the other was dark brown.


We chose the dark brown.


Since we were now pros, and gluttons for punishment, we decided to do Fan #2 in our Master Bedroom the next day. I felt like the greatest Nascar pit crew when we finished it in just under 45 minutes.  Subtracting the extra time spent the day before to take a trip to the hardware store and fight and yell at each other, we knew our roles and it made our day better just knowing it was one project from our giant on going list to complete. Woot!

Here is the guest bedroom:


and our bedroom:



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