DIY Disaster: Here is a story and a picture I drew

Notice to all you DIY-ers out there: DO NOT USE KILLZ PRIMER IN A PAINT SPRAYER. This is the story of how I went shopping and Andrew lost his mind on the basement. The story begins pre-basement floor painting (see that story here). We had cleaned (which involved vacuuming the ceiling), washed the walls with TSP and taped everything off (this took a couple of days). The walls were ready to be primed! My boss lent me a paint sprayer so we thought “why not? It should be quick, and relatively easy” (we are naive sometimes, but we have learned that easy is a relative term). Anyway, before I left for my shopping trip, we tested out the paint sprayer… it was loud, and didn’t really spray so much as dribble. Huge sigh. Some kind friends also happened to have a professional grade sprayer that they were willing to lend us (complete with air pump). Huzzzah! With that decided, I happily went on my way to the mall. I returned home a few hours later to find Andrew covered in paint with chocolate all over his face.

This is an accurate depiction:

This is an accurate photo

He had white paint all over his nostril hairs. It took him about 6 hours to prime the basement… with a paint sprayer. The same amount of wall took us just about 2 hours to paint with brushes and rollers later that day. Apparently Killz primer is too thick for a regular paint sprayer. Watering it down helps though.

Lesson learned: don’t, just don’t.


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