Fashion Challenge: I’m feeling minty

Like any woman, I sometimes get bored with my entire wardrobe. There is nothing worse than looking at a whole walk in closet full of clothing and thinking to yourself “I have NOTHING to wear!!!!!” When this happens to me, I try to make a game of my clothes. Usually, I try pairing things together that I normally wouldn’t (which generally starts with me thinking that I am a genius and ends with me looking like a clown), or wearing something that I have been keeping around but don’t wear very often (often ending up in the goodwill bin). This week, in my quest to end my fashion boredom, I decided that I am only going to wear mint green for as long as possible. For some reason I have like 1000 mint green things in my wardrobe (just kidding, but the number is close), so Sunday night I decided that mint needed to be incorporated into my wardrobe until I ran out of mint things to incorporate. I like to see if people notice, and if I can discover some untapped outfit that could become a wardrobe staple. My photos are from my phone, sorry that you can’t see my beautiful face as clearly as I’m sure you’d like.

Mint Challenge

Day 1: Mint shirt. Bonus: mint earrings.

Please note that while this is a fashion post, I have no intention of documenting where I bought things. Most of my shit is so old it doesn’t matter and let me make a blanket statement here that I have very few nice things that are blog worthy, most of which I barely wear (because I would spill yogurt or pasta sauce on them, obv).

Day 2: Another awesome mint shirt.

Day 3: Switched it up with a mint skirt. I love the print on this skirt it’s subtle enough to wear with another print, like the chambray polka dotted shirt I’m wearing. Bonus: I wore the same shirt on tuesday as a ‘sweater.’ Nailed it.

Day 4: Yet another mint shirt. This one has a sweet peter pan collar in contrasting black. I forgot to wear a sweater at work that day and ended up stealing a sample coat and wearing it all day. My minty glory was covered for most of the day.

Day 5: Mint overload. This is what I mean by looking like a clown. While I managed to tame down the mint with all my other outfits by pairing it with neutrals, This last mint outfit is bordering into clown color territory. I give you the mint version of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s outfit in Can’t Hardly Wait.

Day 6: It is so cold in my office that I can consistently wear sweaters in July during a heatwave. I always hate myself a little when I get into my car to drive home though.


Photo from :

Bonus mint things included a pair of mint undies and some mint earrings that I don’t have a close up of.

Am I the only one who does this?


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