Fashion Challenge: I’m feeling minty

Like any woman, I sometimes get bored with my entire wardrobe. There is nothing worse than looking at a whole walk in closet full of clothing and thinking to yourself “I have NOTHING to wear!!!!!” When this happens to me, I try to make a game of my clothes. Usually, I try pairing things together that I normally wouldn’t (which generally starts with me thinking that I am a genius and ends with me looking like a clown), or wearing something that I have been keeping around but don’t wear very often (often ending up in the goodwill bin). This week, in my quest to end my fashion boredom, I decided that I am only going to wear mint green for as long as possible. For some reason I have like 1000 mint green things in my wardrobe (just kidding, but the number is close), so Sunday night I decided that mint needed to be incorporated into my wardrobe until I ran out of mint things to incorporate. I like to see if people notice, and if I can discover some untapped outfit that could become a wardrobe staple. My photos are from my phone, sorry that you can’t see my beautiful face as clearly as I’m sure you’d like.

Mint Challenge

Day 1: Mint shirt. Bonus: mint earrings.

Please note that while this is a fashion post, I have no intention of documenting where I bought things. Most of my shit is so old it doesn’t matter and let me make a blanket statement here that I have very few nice things that are blog worthy, most of which I barely wear (because I would spill yogurt or pasta sauce on them, obv).

Day 2: Another awesome mint shirt.

Day 3: Switched it up with a mint skirt. I love the print on this skirt it’s subtle enough to wear with another print, like the chambray polka dotted shirt I’m wearing. Bonus: I wore the same shirt on tuesday as a ‘sweater.’ Nailed it.

Day 4: Yet another mint shirt. This one has a sweet peter pan collar in contrasting black. I forgot to wear a sweater at work that day and ended up stealing a sample coat and wearing it all day. My minty glory was covered for most of the day.

Day 5: Mint overload. This is what I mean by looking like a clown. While I managed to tame down the mint with all my other outfits by pairing it with neutrals, This last mint outfit is bordering into clown color territory. I give you the mint version of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s outfit in Can’t Hardly Wait.

Day 6: It is so cold in my office that I can consistently wear sweaters in July during a heatwave. I always hate myself a little when I get into my car to drive home though.


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Bonus mint things included a pair of mint undies and some mint earrings that I don’t have a close up of.

Am I the only one who does this?


Why Doesn’t my Family have a Reality Show?

As an avid watcher of reality TV (I know, it’s SO BAD, but I just can’t help myself!) I can’t figure out how to contact Ryan Seacrest to get him to sign my family  up for a reality show a la the Kardashians. My booty is almost as big as Kim’s, but I would never name my baby North West (that’s for a whole other blog post).

My family is pretty awesome. And often funny without meaning to be. Take, for example, my dear old dad. He’s a pretty smart guy- runs his own business (which he could never do without my mom), knows a lot about why your body does what it does (he was a health minor), is REALLY good at networking, buying cars and giving advice. Even though he was the chair of the technology committee for an industry organization for a number of years, he has NO IDEA how to work a computer, signs his texts with his name and don’t even get me started about how long it takes him to type a sentence (where the F*** is the “M”!!??). Come to think of it, maybe all of this is just a ploy to get me to do it for him- he’s also a really good delegator.  When I was a kid, sometimes he would say, “Kris, I’ll give you $20 if you go upstairs and get my phone charger”. Ummm, ok Dad, sure. And I would have probably done it for $1.

Anyway, we got my dad an IPhone 5 for Father’s day. Actually, he bought it himself  –  Julie & I just went and did all the legwork at Verizon (there’s that delegator again).  Did I mention that my dad has like 4,000 contacts?? Yeah. For real. So, he’s been learning how to use it, which is always fun because he’s so tech savvy. My brother in law, who is very tech savvy, taught him how to use Siri. He was so excited. He wanted to show us all how well he could do it at dinner one Sunday night. He asked Siri to “call Dan Horn”. This is what happened:


The best part was the look on my Dad’s face when Siri said vagina’s out loud. I laughed until my belly hurt. Seriously wish that I had that on video for you all. Ryan Seacrest, I know you’re reading, if you had signed us, it would be on video! Call me! And don’t worry, readers. This will be a regular series.