A Groundhog Kind of Day

I work downtown. Tall buildings, concrete, brick, steel, cars, the Ohio River. Not exactly the ideal spot for wildlife (unless you’re a pigeon or a sparrow- eeew). Sometimes, working downtown is awesome (like if you need to run to TJ Maxx to buy a sports bra  that you forgot to pack for your workout that night, or run to the bank, or go to lunch without getting in your car). Sometimes, not so awesome. Read: when you have to 1) pay to park and 2) walk a half mile just to get to your office from your car. Sometimes the walk is nice, but when it’s super humid, pouring buckets, or freezing ass cold, it’s not really something I look forward to.

One thing that has made it a bit more enjoyable is…wait for it. Yes, groundhogs. Now, what do groundhogs have to do with anything about working downtown, parking, or walking into your office you ask? Just so happens that a little groundhog family lives right in between the Taft Museum and the Anna Louise Inn at the Ft. Washington Way overpass. How did this happen? I have no idea. But they are really cute. And I have seen 2 litters (?) of babies. They sometimes are peeking out of their burrow, on the lookout or just chillin and eating when I am walking by. It’s a little pick me up when I see them out and about.

Interesting fact- did you know that groundhogs are also known as whistle-pigs (because of the noise they make when danger is near- this is my favorite), woodchucks and land beavers?

Do you have any animal friends near your office? Can you believe this family has adapted to city life?





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